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16 April 2008 @ 11:50 am

its been a while again...

or so it seems?  how is everyone? My trip to NY is getting closer and closer and the closer it gets the more excited I get. I am eager to see people,family, and just relax. NO work, dont think about bills, money, nothing. just relax. No worries. I wanna go to gay kareokie one night, Jen hasnt been there before and I think it be fun, also show my roomie mattie that NY drag queens are HOT and they actually LOOK like girls not mangled men HA. I am excited to just breath in the warm weather and just let time sit still for a couple days,I just cant wait. less then a month now people.  

hey dina? you gonna be in rochester the week of MAY8-MAY15th?
if so comment here and let me know. PS. thanks for adding me lady!

anywho , Things at home are really great. we have so much new stuff and I am just enjoying filling our home up and having stuff. I am hopoing jen and I will soon have an actual bed and then everything will be set. we will have a normal furnished apartment and NO MORE CARDBOARD boxes.

ha , when we moved to NC we had nothing, and when I say nothing i am not throwing a pitty party, i mean it, nothing. we had one bad of clothing. and a pillow and everyone had ONE blanker and ONE towel. now we have so much things. I am so lucky. we decided NOT to get a car. which I think is a wise choice. it will save us a ton of money in the long haul and right now thats something we really need to think about. stability is a great thing and i am so greatful for it. before when i was dancing i didnt know if i was gonna make enough for rent some months or if i was gonna be rich that month. ha, i was a lazy dancer and shy, they dont mix well. 

Jen and me and the kids have been veg since Christmas day and going strong. at first I was upset they went veg, cuz i felt like they should do it cuz they want to , not cuz of me, but joey, hes 4, he really thinks its wrong to eat meat, and I think thats great. he realized it and sometimes when i get a weakness and want fish or somehting he says NOOOOOOOOOOOO its wrong, ha. its cute. Jen is the same. joyce i think if she ever moved out would eat meat, which is her right and I dont blame her for it, i wouldnt wanna force my belifs on anyone.thats prob why i felt wrong that they went veg in the beginging , but now , they really dont mind. its a beautiful thing, having the support of your family.

latley I have been a youtube feen. if you get time check out my page, im under chellhrtsnapo 

I have been reading all your pages and hope all is well.

if agnux or whatever ur name is reads this, i hope your feelin better bout your kitty and just know you did the right thing. it was so very ovious how much you loved that cutie and dont be sad, remember the wonderful times you has w that orange cutie hehehehe. and when you get anouther kitty someday you best post 938939893 pics too.

some people think its lame to post a ton of pics of animals but i really enjoy it. 
i think when i am 45 i will still have a myspace. a lj and a youtube HA.

its such a great way to vent. hard to belive i have had this thing since i was like 15 ha.

anywho ta ta

08 April 2008 @ 08:43 pm
It has been forever since I have updated. so here I am.  My poor tum tum hurts. Today was expecially fun because jen brought Napoleon into work for me. I love how he follows me around and then snuggles on my lap. then customers come in and are like OH my is that a dog.... I am like yup. its a dog HA.  Napoleon by far was and is the best birthday gift a girl could ever get. Ha. then again he was a terror as a puppy. HA. I am feeling ever so random and ranting and rambling on here about pretty much nothing.

can I just say...

I am frickin excited to go to ny in exactly ONE month.

Theres so many people I want to see and spend time with. there so many places I need to go and just remember why I loved ny so much. Yes I love it here, but I guess when you move away from a place you realize all the things you loved so much about your hometown. I always think the grass is greener on the other side and 95% of the time I am wrong!

Things are going pretty good. I am debt free. working three jobs. Loving my life. about to get a car. finally have my NY licence so people will belive I am not 12 lol.

I am just over all very content. Tomorrow is looking better and better and I am forgeting yesterday and well today was super cala fraga listic expi ala doshus. ehehhehe

Hope all is well w Y'all
26 February 2008 @ 04:06 pm

Friends only! If you want to be friends leave a message here, I will check your page out and if you seem like someone I wanna be friends with I will add you back!

*  If I do not add you back, please delete me after a month!

* I usually only add people who post photos/ write lots of entrys!

* lastly My spelling/grammer sucks and if you have a problem with that you mind as well not even add me.

OTHER THEN THAT .... Welcome to the lovely world of a fickle girl named chelle.